Trump Must Go!

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Trump Must Go!

Post by Admin on Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:13 pm

For the Sake of our Great Nation, I hope Robert Mueller and others have and/or discover enough information to force Donald Trump out of the Oval Office for the following reasons.

1. Donald Trump’s personal character is endangering the credibility and security of the United States and our allies around the globe. Basically, the world looks at Mr. Trump and sees an unhinged despot who is willing to undermine security protocols and military friendships by disclosing vital information for personal gain.

2. Trump’s inexperience in certain political areas is undermining the normal ebb and flow of our Government.

3. Trump’s demeanor and willingness to start fights and engage in Twitter wars is dividing the nation, creating chaos and inciting possible violence.

4. The rightful desire to protect the office of the Presidency is blinding many to the need to rebuke, hinder and stop Donald Trump.

5. Trump and his family are using the Oval office to make money…even at the expense of national security

6. Trump’s brashness encourages our enemies to attack our homeland and/or our Soldiers abroad

7. Trump’s economic policies will endanger the successes we have gained in recent years

8. If Trump is not impeached or forced to resign, his presidency will encourage future Presidents and others to break the law
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