Inside Donald Trump’s Possible Obstruction of Justice

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Inside Donald Trump’s Possible Obstruction of Justice

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 15, 2017 10:30 pm

President Donald Trump is officially being investigated (by Robert Mueller) for Obstruction of Justice but what does this mean?

Obstruction of Justice is defined as an Attempt (not the success of) to hinder the discovery, apprehension, conviction or punishment of anyone who has committed a crime. The logical question now is, is there enough evidence to show Trump’s tried to influence and/or hinder FBI Director James Comey's investigation of Mike Flynn's relationship before, during and after the 2016 Presidential Election?

What we know About the Situation

1. February 14th 2017…President Trump requested or asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other to leave the room so he could have a private conversation with then FBI Director James Comey.....Jeff Sessions under oath has verified that he and others did in fact leave the room while James Comey remained behind.

2. James Comey under oath testified that President Trump asked him to “lift the cloud” on the Flynn investigation and to publicly announce that the FBI was not investigating him (Trump) for collusion with Russia.

3. While still Director of the FBI, James Comey said he had a private dinner with President Trump. During the dinner, Mr. Trump asked for Comey's loyalty...Trump has denied this.

4. Donald Trump fires James Comey. Trump and his administration have been contradictive in their reasons for firing Comey. First, it was announced Comey was a poor leader, then it was about Comey’s failure to conduct a proper investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail probe but the most recent reason and perhaps the most troublesome, is Comey was fired because of the investigation into General Mike Flynn’s possible criminal activities with Russia. Personally, I believe there is a silent fourth reason, Comey who said Trump was not under investigation but that does not mean Comey was no about to open a file on Trump..this would explain the sudden public displeasure with Comey coming from the Trump administration and others.

In my opinion, there is enough evidence to show that President Trump attempted to hinder the investigation into General Flynn’s possible collusion and other activities with Russia. Does this mean Donald Trump will be impeached or force to resign? If I was the Speaker of the House, I would definitely be pursuing this but Paul Ryan is Speaker and I seriously doubt he will move to oust Mr. Trump but then again public and political pressure could force him and other top Republicans to remove Trump in order to save their own careers.

I will Post Updates When Available


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