Five Reasons Comey's Memo Disclosure is Not Illegal

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Five Reasons Comey's Memo Disclosure is Not Illegal

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:13 pm

President Trump, his base and many Republican Congressional Members are claiming that former FBI Director James Comey's passing on of personal notes or memos to his friend which was a violation of law but they are simply saying this because they know, Comey had every right to give anyone his notes for the following reasons

1. President Trump had not invoked "Executive Privilege" thus Comey was not ordered by law not to release his notes

2. Once President Trump fired James Comey, Mr. Comey ceased being an employee of the Federal Government and became a civilian of the United States of America

3. Comey's Notes were not Top Secret or Classified Information

4. Comey's notes were not about National Security Interests, Allied Interests or of any Financial Value to the United States or to James Comey

5. Trump waived any potential Privilege Claim by publicly acknowledging the existence of private discussions he had with Comey

Overall, President Trump is in serious trouble. Comey's Testimony (in my opinion) painted a clear picture of obstruction; yes he may weasel out of it because the Republican Party controls Congress but the political damage is mounting and public pressure may override the GOP's desire to perpetually defend Trump...especially as the 2018 Congressional Election gets closer!


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