Let Brotherly Love Reign! Stop Using the "N" Word!

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Let Brotherly Love Reign! Stop Using the "N" Word!

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:45 pm

Bill Maher’s use of the term House “N” was a failed attempt at Comedy. I get that but the follow up commentary by Ice Cube was equally wrong and disturbing.

What did he say? Mr. Cube said the "N" word was no longer owned by the white community; it was now owned by African Americans and white people can’t have it back.

My Response: Mr. Cube, I don’t won’t it back because I never owned it; yes, some of family members have used it; yes, many of my ancestors used it but they do not reflect me or the whole of the white community.


I get what Mr. Cube attempted to convey…When African Americans use the “N” word; it is different than white people using it. Not really and here is why.

When a white person uses the term, it is normally in the framework of racism but when an African American calls another African American an “N” or a rapper uses it, he or she is keeping racial negativity alive.

If the White Communities, if the African American Communities truly desire a better relationship void of negativity then we should agree not to use the “N” word. Unfortunately, we live in a greedy world where the “N” word is used to make money, push a story, incite violence and grab secular-political power….Shameful!

Do Unto Others as You Have them do Unto You…..Brotherly Love! It’s why I don’t use the “N” word!


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